Trails of Lava

Darkness of injustice had spread. Oppression and exploitation had no end. Prayers for dawn went
unanswered. It was time to work for change. A lonely mountain had been dormant for ages. Her
patience was taken for granted. Breaking the silence, she bursts out violently. Throws out all the pain
she had harbored for ages.  Her oppressors are horrified, but find no place to run.  She threw out her
anger high into the heavens.  It falls back on her burning most of the life out of her. She is too glad to
see her oppressors burn, to feel her life drain. The lava of revolt flows down her veins. These veins had
earlier been blessings of nourishment and left unappreciated.  Darkness of injustice is finally torn by
colors of revenge, burning even those who had failed to help her. The trail of her light reaches far
beyond her nation – warning us of the consequences of injustice.

There are several others waiting to burst. A mother has to decide between her kids to be carried to food
camp for food. Why should we care when our bins have more food than their dreams? A deserted father
in a boat throws his dead son into sea, as he is not given asylum in any country. Why should we care
when we are not in the same boat? A child was too busy saving his life to mourn his parent’s death.
Why should we care when our country is free of internal conflict? It’s not long before they would say –
Enough. Why should they then care about their trials of their lava reaching our home?

Let’s stand against injustice. Let’s be the dawn they are hoping for.

Prepublished in wolfpublisher

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