Sweet Home

In honor of summer.

Oh sweet spring, where are you? When did you leave me?

Pleasant breeze and colorful flowers had promised sweet fruits in summer?

Oh summer, where are the juicy mangoes, peaches and berries I wanted to reap?

Oh hell has broken lose and my life seems no longer mine.

I found love in life’s spring – I hopped my spouse would sparkle my life.

Now my sweet heart is no longer sweet, all I face is nag-nag;

I feel the weight of responsibility with my kids demands;

Exhausted, thirsty and drenched in sweat I find no shade to rest.

My old flocks ask me to be patient, I pretended to be deaf;

Grinded in this life’s grid I had no place to run.

Eventually, I became victim of heat and fell down ill.

I was touched by the kindness and selflessness of my spouse and realized –

I was the field she was hopping to reap; I could be her plum or a mere weed.

By being nice and kind to one another –We could all enjoy sweetness of life;

Being still blessed with strength and with little added patience –

I can reap enough fruits- to last through autumn and chill winter,

I hope to nourish my kid’s spring with better morals –

Perhaps they could reap better in their summer.

Prepublished in wolfpublishing

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