Miracle of Life

A nebulous decree
A nebulous decree

With trembling hands and a racing heart
She seeks to know if her womb is blessed
She closes her eyes and utters a prayer
– Before she checks the result of the test.
A heavy tear slips down her misty eyes
Triggering a smile as her heart skips a beat.
Gracious Lord has answered her prayer.
How should she have felt at this decree?

An infertile woman past her youthful term
had overheard angels  and laughs at glad tidings
Did she feel like Sara, wife of Ibrahim on being blessed with Isaac
– Had she too longed for a child of her own flesh and blood?

A mother had feared her son’s life and cast him into the river
Lord set him in the hands of kind queen to be pampered even amidst his enemies!
Is our lady like mother of Mosa, ready to do anything for child’s safety?
Or is she like Asiya, the kind wife of Pharoh, who would love a child like her own?

A pious woman, in a secluded chamber is informed   through an angel-
She is to be blessed with a righteous son who would speak to the people in the cradle and in maturity!
No women could feel like Maryam, mother of Isa felt as she uttered
 “My Lord, how will I have a child when no man has touched me?”

Ages ago, Lord had fashioned very first man – Adam
He blew breath of life into him – as a being of fire burnt in jealousy.
Satin conspired and made man disobey his Lord.
Now we are here on a test with Satan luring us towards failure.

No matter what a mother feels,
Let her strive to grow her child with light of the Lord.
Let the child grow up to be a shining star –
Wise enough to see through the whisper of Satan
And humble enough to turn back to Lord always.
Let him be amidst those who would rejoice in heaven
– Having toiled in this world to please His Lord.

Now will the expecting mother pray for her child,
“May you shine with light of Faith casting the darkness away”?

Preprinted in wolfpublication

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