The Blessed Land

History was etched in the bones of the city. Photo credit Sonny Spencer
/*picture not taken in jerusalam*/

I’m land beloved by children of Ibraham.

I’m considered blessed and promised.

Best of the people, both rich and piteous

– Have set foot on me!?

I’ve seen battles, losses and victory

I remain silent in face of injustice and celebrations.

I remember the day when,

Yusuff saw his destiny in a dream and his father-

Yacoob, patiently bore Yusuff’s separation;

Moosa urged free slaves to fight for me – they denied!

Dawood turned face of battle with a slingshot;

Sulaiman, ruler of the best kingdom built magnificent temple!

Zakaria remained speechless as a foresight of Yahya

Maryam, the virgin was decreed with Isa;

Isa cured blind and leper, gave life to death with permission of Allah;

Muhammed prayed here – leading the prophets.

May Peace be upon them all.

I had been –Land of olives;

Direction of prayer – prior to command of change(to Mecca).

I had seen children of Ibrahim pray in harmony;

I still hold holly sanctuaries of Jews Christians and Muslims;

And I see  “piteous” lust over me. Their greed –

has caused rivers of blood to flow around me.

I remain calm amidst screams of pain

As I know The Most Merciful Lord will not let injustice prevail for long.

I’m Jerusalem, al-quds, al-aqsa.

Old street in Jerusalem wallpaper
old street in Jerusalem

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10 thoughts on “The Blessed Land

  1. Nice Poem 🙂 There is perhaps no other city in the world that has drawn the continued attention of the world community as much as the city of Jerusalem.It is considered the third-holiest city in Islam after Makkah and Madina.It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad said, “There are only three mosques to which you should embark on a journey: the sacred mosque (Makkah, Saudi Arabia), this mosque of mine (Madina, Saudi Arabia), and the mosque of Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem).” But Alas!! Masjid Al-Aqsa is under Israeli occupation. I can’t see the picture and video when I see filthy Zionist Israeli soldier standing on Minbar of Masjid Al-Aqsa.My blood boils.

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