How to guide your child’s behavior

Islamic parenting E-book set

I was blessed with an opportunity to read  a set of books on parenting with Islamic perspective.

Title: How to guide your child’s behavior

Author: Jameela Ho

The complete package comprises of three ebooks.


Book 1: How to guide your child’s behavior: form an Islamic perspective

The author provides nineteen strategies to guide achild. These strategies are broadly divided into two categories:

  1. Guiding child towards positive behavior.
  2. Guiding child away from negative behavior.

By following these strategies we can tap best potential of our kids without any stress (For mom & child). What differentiates it from other parenting books is its ISLAMIC APPROACH! The points given are backed up by a hadith. It is written in simple language with many practical examples from day to day activities. This could be easily understood by any one.

Book 2: Parenting Journal

Frankly, ever since I became a mom, I tend to forget lots of things. If you are anything like me, a journal could help a lot. This is a book to tap mom’s/parent’s full potential. 🙂  Here author encourages and equips us with personalized plan of action. Well, the questions here are worth pondering upon. Once filled, this book could be our personalized child behaviour guide!! Masha Allah, it is beautifully presented. Pictures here would make things hard to forget.

Book 3: Workbook

Now that we are mentally prepared, it is time for action. This book suggests twenty two exercises to give life to the suggested strategies!

Insha Allah, this book can prove to be an answer to a mom’s prayers. I should say, by following some of the tips, I am seeing much more enthusiasm amidst my sons to obey me! 😉 Alhamdhulillah! Now parenting can be much more fun. With Islamic motive, as potrayed in this book, I am reminded to be always good to my kids, who are blessings from Allah. May our kids serve as a sadqay zariya for us. Ameen.

You may read more about these ebooks / purchase them at Muslimommy





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