Written by : Saima Khan
Written by : Saima Khan
Celebrate Eid and learn shapes!

Written by          : Saima Khan

Illustrator            : Maria Ahmed


In this book we see celebration of Eid through eyes of a child. It starts with description of Eid. My 7-year-old son, Zakir, loved reading it with me. Zakir was glued to the book. Later, I was surprised to see Zakir recollect couple of lines from the book. Well, children love rhymes and the language used in this book is rhythmic. The lines he loved are:

“At last, I see the curvy moon!

The celebration will follow soon.”

Even I was able to recollect the excitement on seeing new moon. Author Saima Khan, tactfully incorporated different shapes into the Eid celebration. Even henna designs and soap bubbles are not spared. And what adds sparkle to this book is the way it is illustrated. Children are most likely to try making a copy of the pictures. The images are apt and colorful. Yet, they are simple enough to encourage child to attempt making a copy of it. Small details in the picture made these pictures delightful to explore.  My younger son (3 year old) was happy to spot a cat in these pictures!

By the end, the child is questioned about his/her favorite part of Eid holiday. I am happy to say – my son captured the essence of celebration. This made my day. ❤ This book is exciting to read and would make an ideal gift for children in kindergarten and primary school. I had great time listening to it as my son read it aloud.

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