A Cat and Mouse Pact – A Book review


Written by: Nayera Salam – a retired teacher more than thirty years teaching experience.
Illustrator: Teresa Abboud – A very talented illustrator/ 2D animator.

A cat and mouse pactI had received this book for the purpose of review a few months back. As the name suggests, the main characters in this book are Matt, an orange cat, and Mille, a gray mouse. The rhythmic language and colorful illustration made it more than a just another cat and mouse story.
I read this book in a gathering of four children (my sons, niece, and nephew). They absolutely loved the book and asked me to read it to them over and over again. I loved seeing the excitement on their face as they wondered whether the cat will spare the mouse.
My little one was more attracted to pictures than the story. I asked the children to pick a favorite picture. They unanimously selected the picture where Millie the mouse pleads to Matt to spare her life for the sake of five little baby mice. The picture of little mice tucked under socks is adorable.
The book teaches the importance of showing kindness. If interested you may purchase the book from http://www.kidsbooksbynayera.com/buy


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