Jasmine in the Wind – book review

Written by: Ayesha Desai
“Jasmine in the wind” is the first published book by Ayesha Desai, she has been writing for the last 20 years and blogging since 2013.

jasmine-in-the-windThe story is about Afrah, a Syrian girl. She is introduced as a tired girl in worn out sandals trying to reach a safe-land along with her family. As she travels, she recollects her past – HER LIFE IN SYRIA. Her thoughts portray current Syrian situation and its beauty prior to the political unrest. In last, few pages we see her and her family getting accustomed to the country they find refuge in. Yet, in her heart, her love for her home hasn’t diminished. She is waiting to return home when it is better. Isn’t Al-Sham (Syria) the blessed land?
I absolutely loved the concept. I wept as I read through the last few pages. This for me is a story of hope amidst the darkness. It shouted out life and struggles of refugees worldwide. It is a sad reminder of hard times we live in.
I found it bit difficult to comprehend as the story drifts between past and present. Still, I would strongly recommend this book.


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