From the table to the bin – Food wastage in Ramadan

vegetable barrel, bin, thanks giving vegetables

An extract from an article published at Muslimahbloggers:

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Ramadan is the month we are also the most wasteful! Don’t you believe me? How do we leave our glorious tables after our meals? What happens to the left-over salads, fries and drinks?  If our bins could express themselves, they would cry and complain about the burden they carry in the month of Ramadan. Astaghfirullah.

We are an ummah who takes pride in following our beloved prophet. Do we follow the modern day ethics and refrain from completing our drink? Our prophet used to even lick his fingers after his meal! May our plates and spoon look as good as clean ones once we’ve eaten our food.

clean plate. apples green red hand hadith
Do not waste food.


Food is a blessing from Allah. Nowadays we can relish unseasonal fruits and vegetables from different parts of the world without even stepping out of our home.  Online shopping is easy. But growing the greens was not easy. Our exotic dishes and drinks wouldn’t exist without the hard work of thousands of peoples – farmers, traders, exporters, porters and so on. In a way, we eat far better than even kings and queens of the past. Be grateful for the food on your plate. Throwing food is proof of being ungrateful to Allah.

vegetable barrel, bin, thanks giving vegetables
Surah al Araf, verse 31

Before we break our fast, we ensure that we supplicate to Allah to bless us in this world and in the hereafter. What about the blessings which The most Merciful had blessed us? If we are really grateful for the food on our plate, we’ll value it and not waste it.

Watching the documentary of refugees in refugee camps is heartbreaking. When they described their earlier life, they told they were happy with plenty to eat! They were leading a carefree life just like us. May Allah make it easy for them and solve their problems. And may He save us from such trials. Ameen. One of the children in the refugee camp was asked what he wanted to eat. Can you guess, what he replied? Ice cream? Chocolate? Pizza? He wanted “Bread”! He wanted plain bread – something which we throw without even giving a second thought. Remember, we will be asked about our blessings.

ثُمَّ لَتُسْأَلُنَّ يَوْمَئِذٍ عَنِ النَّعِيمِ

Then you will surely be asked that Day about pleasure. Quran (102:8)

water bubbles blue
We’ll be questioned!

We have plenty to eat to drink and we assume this is a sign that Allah loves us. Is that so?  Even Abdurrahman ibn Awf(رضي الله عنه), one of the ten men who was promised paradise feared that an extravagant meal would deprive him of bounties in the hereafter! Subhan Allah.

Dessert, cake chocolate fruits banana kiwi orange cherry
Humble nature of Abdurrahman ibn Awf (RA)!

Do we remember our beloved prophet and his companions when we see our lavish iftar table? Would we give our cooks a break and be satisfied with a simple humble meal? Could we stop insisting on a different dish for each meal? Could we stop associating fasting with feasting? Will we stop throwing away good food into our bins?

Oh, Allah! forgive us of our shortcomings. Do not hold us accountable for the things we did unknowingly and help us be grateful to You. Help us be content with we have. Prevent us from being extravagant. Bless us with bounties in this world and in the hereafter.  Ameen

رَبَّنَا آتِنَا فِي الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً، وَفِي الآخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً، وَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

What did our beloved prophet eat? How did he deal with the food? And for additional tips please visit Muslimahbloggers.


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