1newleaf nominated for ‘The best religious blog’

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear readers, few days back I was surprised to see 1newleaf nominated for Muslimahbloggers awards. This feels no less than winning an award. 🙂

Honestly, this comes at a time when I was wondering what have done as a blogger? I am not able to give my blog time and attention I intended to give. This nomination encourages me to keep writing. I thank all those who nominated me. Jazak allahul khairan.

Quran has helped me (and many more) remain happy and hopeful in difficult times. I want to share my experience and reflections from the Quran. I hope and pray that I take time to write and post more articles.

I would like to have decent votes and would appreciate if you take time to vote for 1 New LEAF at Muslimah bloggers. I am nominated for the best religious blog.

Jazak Allahul khair.

voting 1newleaf


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