Tackling Mid-Ramadan Slump

tips to remain on track as planned in Ramadan

Every year we welcome Ramadan with great hopes and zeal. We have a list of righteous deeds we wish to do. Establishing voluntary prayers on time; reciting Quran; praying night prayers; reciting morning and evening supplication; offering involuntary (nafil) prayers; keeping away from the tv and social media; we did all this and more with ease.

Honestly,  are you still feeling the same zeal? Are you still able to continue at the same phase? Maybe not. I see myself reading fewer pages of Quran; praying fewer involuntary prayers; reciting shorter chapters in salah; and spending more time on other things. I guess we are all conscious of this slump. We feel sad that we are not doing our best. The good news is, this guilt may push us to give our best to the last 10 days of Ramadan! DO NOT COMPLETELY ABANDON YOUR RAMADAN ROUTINE. Pray with ease.

What are your temptations? What do you like to do? Would like to turn your thoughts and interests into good deeds? Would you like to turn these days into ‘Iman’ propellers for the last ten days? Here are some of the tips:


The current situation of the world is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Though we may be locked up in a room, we cannot save ourselves from the global crisis. Obviously, we want to know what is happening around us. Don’t get too engrossed with the news channels. Don’t be glued to the television waiting for the latest updates. Limit your quest for the latest news. Things which are happening are beyond our control. Remember, ALLAH IS THE CONTROLLER OF OUR LIFE AND THERE CAN BE NO BETTER MASTER. All we need to do is to submit to Him and rectify our affairs.  Pray to Him and seek His help.

news degree doctorate worldly concern Islamic knowledge
worldly knowledge and fear

Whenever you come across any upsetting news, pray for Allah’s help to reach the one who is wronged or hospitalized. Instead of praying against the oppressors, pray for their guidance and change in their attitude.

There are many of us who wish to do more but are unable to do so. May Allah bless us with a heart which is eager to help those in need before He tests us with abundant wealth and time. Ameen.

Checking the Contact list

Does praying involuntary prayers appear heavy to you? Sometimes taking a break between salah (prayers) could help us to pray with ease. During the break, scroll through the contact list in your mobile. Pray for each and everyone in the list.

May Allah bless them for the kindness they have shown you. May Allah overlook their shortcomings and guide them.

hidden gifts dua for others rose petals islam
Pray generously for others

Well, in a way you’ll be praying for yourself.  We’ll also see our heart soften towards others. You may realize that you’ve lost touch with someone who has been very good to you. Send them a text message. Insha Allah, this could improve the relation.

To read more, please visit Muslimahbloggers.


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