Quran in our life

Assalamu alaikum.

Dear readers,
Today I wish to share about something I strive with. Something I really want to do but not confident that if I’m good enough to complete the task! Never the less, I would never abandon this task.

I am speaking about Memorizing Quran with proper tajweed (recitation rules) and understanding. I have managed to Memorizing few para (chapters) of quran but I have a long way to go. And I believe every muslim should try Memorizing quran, why?

Surah Taha: 25-29

Do you wish to recite quran everyday? Do you wish to study tafsir in depth? Do you want to explore Arabic grammer? Would you like your children to love quran? Or, do you just want to spend quality time with children? Memorizing Quran could come as a answer to your question. Insha Allah, Allah will make it easy for you.

We don’t have any hafiz in our family. Me and hubby were more keen at studying tafseer than Memorizing. Additional I wanted to improve my tajweed. Memorizing was more like a side effect. There is nothing parallel to reciting/listening to melodious quran with understanding.

Let me explain briefly how we memorize Quran:

Hubby: while travelling to office (amidst heavy traffic) he used to listen juz Amma (last part of Quran). Later he skipped tafsir to check of he was able to understand recitation. Consequently, he memorized Quran in less than a year. This increased his thirst to memorize more. Currently he could recite Al Baqara (with help)!

Abdullah (The reciter in the video):
I long to see my elder son as a hafiz a Quran. When he was about five, I decided to play couple of verses repeatedly on computer. This is far better than listening to age old sense less poems. Soon my son knew all the chapters that I knew. He loved a healthy competition. I decided to be his competitor. We just spent about 20 minutes a day (5 days a week) listening to new verses. I had to pretend to be struggling even if I managed to memorize before him so that he doesn’t cry. 😍 We used to revise as we waited for his school bus to arrive. In less than a year (about 6 months time) we memorized juz Amma. Later I joined him in hifz school. I am glad to say that he is far ahead of me and is now good enough to teach me. Alhamdulillah. Occassionally, I help him with few verses.

Abdurrahman: My younger son (7year old) spends very little time memorizing Quran. Yet, he has memorized the last two para of Quran. May be it’s because he is used to hearing me reciting quran (to my elder son to correct my mistakes).

My mom: My mom never forced me to do anything and was against ‘forcing’ Abdullah to recite Quran. I tried to convince her that I was neither forcing him nor was it difficult. I asked her if she would consider extra tuition or vocal classes to be the same. She decided to try it herself. She joined a whatsapp memorizing group and is currently memorizing her 5th para. Alhamdulillah.

Me: I memorize at a snail’s pace. I ensure that I check the tafsir before memorizing. Currently I am also analysing grammer. I am blessed with excellent hafiza as my teacher. With my poor pronounciation I struggled to move ahead. What do I get in return? Peace with an ability to overlook any problem. Alhamdulillah

Memorizing Quran has taught me to be patient and to live life to the fullest by enjoying what you have and what you do. Don’t rush; don’t compare, your reward is with Allah. Enjoy your journey.

Insha Allah, Allah will make it easy for us to memorize and connect with quran. Hopefully, I too would reach my destination some day. Ameen.

Moses prayed, “My Lord! Uplift my heart for me, and make my task easy, and remove the impediment from my tongue so people may understand my speech and grant me a helper from my family,” Taha: 25-29

Important tip: Revision is more important than memorizing new verses of the Quran.


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