Jasmine in the Wind – book review

Written by: Ayesha Desai “Jasmine in the wind” is the first published book by Ayesha Desai, she has been writing for the last 20 years and blogging since 2013. The story is about Afrah, a Syrian girl. She is introduced as a tired girl in worn out sandals trying to reach a safe-land along with … Continue reading Jasmine in the Wind – book review


A Cat and Mouse Pact – A Book review

  Written by: Nayera Salam - a retired teacher more than thirty years teaching experience. Illustrator: Teresa Abboud - A very talented illustrator/ 2D animator. I had received this book for the purpose of review a few months back. As the name suggests, the main characters in this book are Matt, an orange cat, and … Continue reading A Cat and Mouse Pact – A Book review


Written by : Saima Khan

Written by          : Saima Khan Illustrator            : Maria Ahmed   In this book we see celebration of Eid through eyes of a child. It starts with description of Eid. My 7-year-old son, Zakir, loved reading it with me. Zakir was glued to the book. Later, I was surprised to see Zakir recollect couple of … Continue reading THE SHAPES OF EID ACCORDING TO ME

Alhamdhulillah for series

Assalam o alikum. Couple of months back I was given a lovely gift. It was given to me unconditionally, by blogger sisters Ayesha and Samina of Ayeina.com. It was an ebook (PDF) file which contained less than 50 pages. I was in no mood to read even a single page. I opened it with an intention … Continue reading Alhamdhulillah for series

How to guide your child’s behavior

Islamic parenting E-book set I was blessed with an opportunity to read  a set of books on parenting with Islamic perspective. Title: How to guide your child’s behavior Author: Jameela Ho The complete package comprises of three ebooks. Book 1: How to guide your child's behavior: form an Islamic perspective The author provides nineteen strategies … Continue reading How to guide your child’s behavior

‘I am a star’ – my article in a magazine!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ Alhamdhulillah. Muslimaat magazine will feature a story written by me! This is my very first article to be printed. Muslimaat Magazine is a nonprofit magazine working to spread Islamic message. It is a colorful magazine with plenty to simulate our thoughts and refine our heart. Articles here are written to satisfy taste … Continue reading ‘I am a star’ – my article in a magazine!