Jasmine in the Wind – book review

Written by: Ayesha Desai
“Jasmine in the wind” is the first published book by Ayesha Desai, she has been writing for the last 20 years and blogging since 2013.

jasmine-in-the-windThe story is about Afrah, a Syrian girl. She is introduced as a tired girl in worn out sandals trying to reach a safe-land along with her family. As she travels, she recollects her past – HER LIFE IN SYRIA. Her thoughts portray current Syrian situation and its beauty prior to the political unrest. In last, few pages we see her and her family getting accustomed to the country they find refuge in. Yet, in her heart, her love for her home hasn’t diminished. She is waiting to return home when it is better. Isn’t Al-Sham (Syria) the blessed land?
I absolutely loved the concept. I wept as I read through the last few pages. This for me is a story of hope amidst the darkness. It shouted out life and struggles of refugees worldwide. It is a sad reminder of hard times we live in.
I found it bit difficult to comprehend as the story drifts between past and present. Still, I would strongly recommend this book.


A Cat and Mouse Pact – A Book review


Written by: Nayera Salam – a retired teacher more than thirty years teaching experience.
Illustrator: Teresa Abboud – A very talented illustrator/ 2D animator.

A cat and mouse pactI had received this book for the purpose of review a few months back. As the name suggests, the main characters in this book are Matt, an orange cat, and Mille, a gray mouse. The rhythmic language and colorful illustration made it more than a just another cat and mouse story.
I read this book in a gathering of four children (my sons, niece, and nephew). They absolutely loved the book and asked me to read it to them over and over again. I loved seeing the excitement on their face as they wondered whether the cat will spare the mouse.
My little one was more attracted to pictures than the story. I asked the children to pick a favorite picture. They unanimously selected the picture where Millie the mouse pleads to Matt to spare her life for the sake of five little baby mice. The picture of little mice tucked under socks is adorable.
The book teaches the importance of showing kindness. If interested you may purchase the book from http://www.kidsbooksbynayera.com/buy


Written by : Saima Khan
Written by : Saima Khan
Celebrate Eid and learn shapes!

Written by          : Saima Khan

Illustrator            : Maria Ahmed


In this book we see celebration of Eid through eyes of a child. It starts with description of Eid. My 7-year-old son, Zakir, loved reading it with me. Zakir was glued to the book. Later, I was surprised to see Zakir recollect couple of lines from the book. Well, children love rhymes and the language used in this book is rhythmic. The lines he loved are:

“At last, I see the curvy moon!

The celebration will follow soon.”

Even I was able to recollect the excitement on seeing new moon. Author Saima Khan, tactfully incorporated different shapes into the Eid celebration. Even henna designs and soap bubbles are not spared. And what adds sparkle to this book is the way it is illustrated. Children are most likely to try making a copy of the pictures. The images are apt and colorful. Yet, they are simple enough to encourage child to attempt making a copy of it. Small details in the picture made these pictures delightful to explore.  My younger son (3 year old) was happy to spot a cat in these pictures!

By the end, the child is questioned about his/her favorite part of Eid holiday. I am happy to say – my son captured the essence of celebration. This made my day. ❤ This book is exciting to read and would make an ideal gift for children in kindergarten and primary school. I had great time listening to it as my son read it aloud.

For more details, please visit: www.prolancewriting.com/bookstore



Alhamdhulillah for series

Assalam o alikum.

Couple of months back I was given a lovely gift. It was given to me unconditionally, by blogger sisters Ayesha and Samina of Ayeina.com. It was an ebook (PDF) file which contained less than 50 pages. I was in no mood to read even a single page. I opened it with an intention of just scanning through the chapter heading. But, I ended up reading the entire book! Well, each page contained only one sentence! And, these sentences were expressed with minimal words (sometimes as few as 5 words were used)!! Yet, this is a precious gift full of love and positivity. I would cherish it.

Why wold I cherish it?

  • This book is dedicated to praising Allah.
  • It focuses on simple things which we take for granted.
  • Each page contains a colorful picture painted in a way to attract even young readers!
  • Though there is just a line in a page, the picture there brings back a beautiful memory.
  • This book is enough to turn a frown into smile. 🙂
  • In short, it is small dose of gratitude bound in pages with minimal words and overflowing with sentiments!
  • Alhamdhulillah! Yes, this is all that we would utter while scanning through this book.

Ayeina sisters had classified it into four categories-

  • Alhamdhulillah for Basic necessities
  • Alhamdhulillah for ties that bind us
  • Alhamdhulillah for Islam, and
  • Alhamdhulillah for everything

Of course, the  favors of Allah are far beyond what we praise Him for. Yes, there is much more we can fill in this book with. Wisely, a page has been left blank at end of each category encouraging us to fill with things we are grateful for. Even my son (6+ years old) was able to add things to few categories! My younger son loved the pictures.

This book would make an ideal gift to anyone irrespective of their age, nationality, ideology, health condition and religion!! You may purchase its hard or soft copy at Ayeina.com

Alhamdhulillah, for this lovely book.

How to guide your child’s behavior

Islamic parenting E-book set

I was blessed with an opportunity to read  a set of books on parenting with Islamic perspective.

Title: How to guide your child’s behavior

Author: Jameela Ho

The complete package comprises of three ebooks.


Book 1: How to guide your child’s behavior: form an Islamic perspective

The author provides nineteen strategies to guide achild. These strategies are broadly divided into two categories:

  1. Guiding child towards positive behavior.
  2. Guiding child away from negative behavior.

By following these strategies we can tap best potential of our kids without any stress (For mom & child). What differentiates it from other parenting books is its ISLAMIC APPROACH! The points given are backed up by a hadith. It is written in simple language with many practical examples from day to day activities. This could be easily understood by any one.

Book 2: Parenting Journal

Frankly, ever since I became a mom, I tend to forget lots of things. If you are anything like me, a journal could help a lot. This is a book to tap mom’s/parent’s full potential. 🙂  Here author encourages and equips us with personalized plan of action. Well, the questions here are worth pondering upon. Once filled, this book could be our personalized child behaviour guide!! Masha Allah, it is beautifully presented. Pictures here would make things hard to forget.

Book 3: Workbook

Now that we are mentally prepared, it is time for action. This book suggests twenty two exercises to give life to the suggested strategies!

Insha Allah, this book can prove to be an answer to a mom’s prayers. I should say, by following some of the tips, I am seeing much more enthusiasm amidst my sons to obey me! 😉 Alhamdhulillah! Now parenting can be much more fun. With Islamic motive, as potrayed in this book, I am reminded to be always good to my kids, who are blessings from Allah. May our kids serve as a sadqay zariya for us. Ameen.

You may read more about these ebooks / purchase them at Muslimommy




‘I am a star’ – my article in a magazine!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Alhamdhulillah. Muslimaat magazine will feature a story written by me! This is my very first article to be printed.

muslimaat magazine issue 5 preview
Muslimaat issue 5

Muslimaat Magazine is a nonprofit magazine working to spread Islamic message.

It is a colorful magazine with plenty to simulate our thoughts and refine our heart.

Articles here are written to satisfy taste of audiences of different age.

Insha Allah, you’ll find the story ‘I am star’ in Tale time.  It is meant for kids aged 8 to12. I hope both kids and grownups like it alike. 🙂

For details please check-  http://muslimaat.net/

What are you waiting for? Hurry, grab a copy. 🙂

muslimaat magazine issue 5
muslimaat issue 5