Color of islam

Quran 2:138

Don’t blend in. During cold treatment, let the warm color of islam stand out. Let it melt the hostility away. Seek Islamic knowledge; learn and practice it - to see the beauty of His color.    


Do you wish to be amidst angels?

Dear readers, I hope you are back to see how I had fared in the Surah an-noor memorization contest. I had tried hard and had managed to memorize surah an noor within a month’s time. Still I hoped that the contest was postponed by a week. Even a day’s delay could have improved my recitation … Continue reading A LIFE WITH LIGHT


How to win Love?

DAY 3 Today’s quote is a Dua(supplication). This dua could help us win LOVE. Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever seeks to please Allah by angering people, Allah, may He be exalted, will be pleased with him and will cause the people to be pleased with him; whoever seeks … Continue reading How to win Love?

Love and Faith

I was nominated by Fatmawaty to participate in 3 days 3 quotes challenge. Jazak Allahul khair Sister. DAY 2 Today's quote is from a hadith How could we improve our love for prophet Muhammed PBUH? Insha Allah by incorporating Sunnah (his teachings/sayings) and by learning his Seerah(biography) we can increase our Iman(faith). Remember, Messenger of Allah, may … Continue reading Love and Faith


AssalamAlikum. Dear readers, thanks for joining me in the journey of memorizing surah Annoor. I had to memorize surah an-noor in about a month’s time (5 weeks to be precise) to compete in a contest. By sticking to the plan posted in my last post, I was able to memorize 31 verses out of 64 … Continue reading A LIGHT DRENCHED HEART


Are there any desires harboring in your heart? Fear of failure prevents us from even attempting to accomplish some desires. Some great halal desires are left buried in our heart. Let me share with you my secret desire. It is to memorize the entire Quran before I enter the grave. I went to masjid to … Continue reading A MONTH WITH LIGHT

Did you vote?

Yes, did you exercise your right to vote in a democratic country? For those of us who belong to a democratic country, it’s easy to recollect hustle amidst government parties before election. Then after election, within few days, almost everyone seems unhappy with the result. Ironically, most add I did not vote for this party. … Continue reading Did you vote?