A pearl in the Oyster

Lulu was applying her dark brown mascara which matched her golden brown dyed hair.  She then checks if her beige shirt is neatly tucked into her brown skirt. As she wraps her Italian printed brown scarf around her neck she wonders if she could get cash award. Lulu was working as a science teacher in … Continue reading A pearl in the Oyster



Have you ever longed to visit some place? Do you crave to spend time relaxing in a peaceful resort? Where and how would you like your home to be? Let me share with you, what I desire. My college was in the outskirts of the city and I used to start early to avoid traffic. … Continue reading PRIME PROPERTY


Balloons! Bundle of air, just enough to make one smile. Good enough to keep mom free for a while. Be prepared for tears to come.. For all it takes is a single prick. We like balloons, have inflated ourselves with dreams, pride, ego and all things vain. We are no better than those who have … Continue reading Balloons!

The Blessed Land

I’m land beloved by children of Ibraham. I’m considered blessed and promised. Best of the people, both rich and piteous – Have set foot on me!? I’ve seen battles, losses and victory I remain silent in face of injustice and celebrations. I remember the day when, Yusuff saw his destiny in a dream and his … Continue reading The Blessed Land


Darkness of injustice had spread. Oppression and exploitation had no end. Prayers for dawn went unanswered. It was time to work for change. A lonely mountain had been dormant for ages. Her patience was taken for granted. Breaking the silence, she bursts out violently. Throws out all the pain she had harbored for ages.  Her … Continue reading ENOUGH


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ Dear readers, Welcome to the world of stories, stories that portray women in different stages of life. Life is full of unexpected turns, some sweet and pleasant while others not so pleasant. Did you ever wonder in spite of your best efforts why things don’t go as you had planned? Is … Continue reading WELCOME