A pearl in the Oyster

Lulu was applying her dark brown mascara which matched her golden brown dyed hair.  She then checks if her beige shirt is neatly tucked into her brown skirt. As she wraps her Italian printed brown scarf around her neck she wonders if she could get cash award. Lulu was working as a science teacher in … Continue reading A pearl in the Oyster



Hurray, summer holidays are here. Yes it is very hot, but with the schools closed its time for fun for kids. It’s time for seasonal evening fun fares and summer activities. Roller coasters, giant wheels and merry go rounds are sure inviting. And of course, it’s time for our yummy fruits and ice-creams. At one … Continue reading HELP ME


Written by : Saima Khan

Written by          : Saima Khan Illustrator            : Maria Ahmed   In this book we see celebration of Eid through eyes of a child. It starts with description of Eid. My 7-year-old son, Zakir, loved reading it with me. Zakir was glued to the book. Later, I was surprised to see Zakir recollect couple of … Continue reading THE SHAPES OF EID ACCORDING TO ME

My little fingers

Fingers are blessing

Saturday morning, Sabir is all set to play soccer with his father.  As he relishes last piece of his breakfast pancakes with maple syrup, he hears a thunder. It is followed by the sweet smell of earth greeting the first drizzles of rain. Abba (Father) comforts sad Sabir, “Insha Allah, we will play soccer next … Continue reading My little fingers

I am a star

Prism and light fascinate kids

Alhamdhulillah. I am glad to share with you a story written for kids. :-D. I am a Star Sabir got ready for school in record time today. In a brightly sunlit room, decorated with Lego mechanical cars and a space shuttle, we hear timid Sabir trying out his speech.  It is an important day from … Continue reading I am a star