Mango! This story was submitted by my fried few months before her death.

The ultimate painkiller


The ultimate painkiller - without any side effects. by HONEYBEE I started getting frequent headaches a couple of years back and slowly got used to the fact that doctors did not have a better solution than asking me to swallow a pill. That was sort of convenient for me too. I tried to avoid taking … Continue reading The ultimate painkiller

Iman Nourishing ‘N’

Assalam Alikum, Glad to see you back. May Allah reward you for your zeal to attain His Pleasure. Ameen.  Our entire life is at His service. Our worship and obedience is not limited to Ramadan. Are you ready for Ibada style changes (In case you have missed please read the previous post by clicking on the … Continue reading Iman Nourishing ‘N’

Ibadah style changes – Introduction

Alhamdhulillah!  Ramadan had been such a blessed month. Though days were long, Allah (s.w.t) made it easy for us to fast. Quran and Salah were our highest priorities in Ramadan. We stole moments from our usual routine to go back to Quran, to recite it and to reflect more on it.  Our efforts doubled in … Continue reading Ibadah style changes – Introduction

Sweet Home

Oh sweet spring, where are you? When did you leave me? Pleasant breeze and colorful flowers had promised sweet fruits in summer? Oh summer, where are the juicy mangoes, peaches and berries I wanted to reap? Oh hell has broken lose and my life seems no longer mine. I found love in life’s spring – … Continue reading Sweet Home

Precious Five

Silence in the hospital was broken by cries of pain; deep unbearable pain. Rehma was brought to the  hospital in labor. The pain was unbearable. Her husband wiped sweat off her forehead as she waited to be admitted.  Doctor examined her and was quick to take her to the  labor ward.  The baby would be … Continue reading Precious Five