Alhamdhulillah for series

Assalam o alikum.

Couple of months back I was given a lovely gift. It was given to me unconditionally, by blogger sisters Ayesha and Samina of It was an ebook (PDF) file which contained less than 50 pages. I was in no mood to read even a single page. I opened it with an intention of just scanning through the chapter heading. But, I ended up reading the entire book! Well, each page contained only one sentence! And, these sentences were expressed with minimal words (sometimes as few as 5 words were used)!! Yet, this is a precious gift full of love and positivity. I would cherish it.

Why wold I cherish it?

  • This book is dedicated to praising Allah.
  • It focuses on simple things which we take for granted.
  • Each page contains a colorful picture painted in a way to attract even young readers!
  • Though there is just a line in a page, the picture there brings back a beautiful memory.
  • This book is enough to turn a frown into smile. 🙂
  • In short, it is small dose of gratitude bound in pages with minimal words and overflowing with sentiments!
  • Alhamdhulillah! Yes, this is all that we would utter while scanning through this book.

Ayeina sisters had classified it into four categories-

  • Alhamdhulillah for Basic necessities
  • Alhamdhulillah for ties that bind us
  • Alhamdhulillah for Islam, and
  • Alhamdhulillah for everything

Of course, the  favors of Allah are far beyond what we praise Him for. Yes, there is much more we can fill in this book with. Wisely, a page has been left blank at end of each category encouraging us to fill with things we are grateful for. Even my son (6+ years old) was able to add things to few categories! My younger son loved the pictures.

This book would make an ideal gift to anyone irrespective of their age, nationality, ideology, health condition and religion!! You may purchase its hard or soft copy at

Alhamdhulillah, for this lovely book.

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