Last Breath

Sunset at sea

I had always seen life as an ocean. There was so much to do and explore. As a kid I enjoyed seeing my reflection on still water. I would disturb it trying to make out what will I be like in future. The ripples in water gave me visions to be achieved. That was my sweet innocent childhood. Then as a teenager I dived into pleasures of this life. Who knew those still waters could be so deep. I collected unique treasures from its depth. Those were my experiences for me to cherish. Adulthood was tough.  I wanted more and tried my luck by swimming against tides. I was even attacked by sharks – credit crunches, regression and market crash. Somehow I survived. But, it’s the emotional cyclones and whirlpools caused by those close to heart that hit me hard. Many accompanied me in my journey but I felt alone. Something was missing. My health deteriorated as I got old.  My appetite for adventure faded away. Now as I float through my memories of the past I realize – this ocean was never my life. It was just a distraction which stole moments of my life.

Life is moments between dawn and dusk.  Yes, my birth and death. Now as I see my life drain, I wonder, what have I done with the light I was blessed? The light – my time was spent to collect things which would be of no avail after my life sets.  I would be forgotten.  And, those for whom I struggled will also be allured by the ocean of distractions which the world has to offer. If only I had learnt to appreciate what I had and walked on the path of our Lord, the life would have been more purposeful. Now I know what I was thirsty for.  It was the light of faith from Almighty which would never set. Anything else is as good as sea water, which cannot be drunk. I might have not done much but I am tiered and eager to return to Him. His mercy is vaster than ocean and that’s where I would like to drown.  I repent to You my lord. Forgive me.

You may be a big fish in a small pond or a blue whale in ocean, but ultimately your time would run out  too. It’s better to prepare early for the sun set.

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